Bringing Researchers Forward

Make sure your hard work behind closed doors is reflected openly online…

LookSci is passionate about creating online profiles for researchers 

We know how amazing it looks when a comprehensive online profile shows up when you’re searched for. Beyond the research you do, our websites capture you holistically; sharing your passions, ideas, outreach, and achievements so that you can be found by the right people. 

Need help with your social media presence? We offer training, social media support and tips that work wonders for you online:) 


Your site is created to enhance your unique brand as a researcher!

And we link your site to your social accounts


Sites are created around keywords so you will be found easily online for your field of expertise!



Linked to Google Analytics and Console, we will track the health of your site and share all details with you!


We Design for Mobile Platforms, too.

Your profile will look fabulous on mobile phones as well as desktop and tablets. 



Our Trademarked
Process & Workflow.

We work closely with clients to understand the objective of their website! Content is carefully crafted to help you communicate your message with visitors! 

Project Research

We offer additional support to your content! 


Built with SEO keywords, you will rank for your field of expertise!



If it’s not beautiful, we don’t publish:)



Tracked with Analytics, we let you know how your site performs after publishing.


Let’s Work Together

Any questions, suggestion or ideas to work together are super welcome. Please get in touch! 

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